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Contemporary Ceramics

Drawing with smoke, light, and fire series #2

Drawing with smoke, light, and fire series #2

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Dimensions approximate: 

Height 21cm - Width 18cm

Drawing with smoke light and fire series explores the human experience not only in relation to the cultural connection between past and future but also influences between different cultures.

All the vessels have been handmade and, due to the making technique, each piece is unique. Working in a variety of traditional media such as ceramics, printmaking, analogue photography, and collage works; these delicately crafted ceramic objects are purely decorative, non-functional ware. 

Info & Medium & Materials

Working at the edge of feasibility where capacity of material is pushed to its limit when making inspires me.  I am driven by the potentially ruinous techniques of making. I believe uncontrollable elements can lead me to unpredictable outcomes in unique objects of art. I am always seeking a precarious balance between control and chance.

My vessels are handmade by using multiple methods. I work with my own clay and slip mixtures. Vessels can be cast, coiled or slab built. Sometimes I start with a cast shape and I keep hand building on it with various slips and clays. I fire and re-fire vessels on an electric kiln, or even sometimes raku kiln until I am satisfied with the form and texture. I draw and sometimes use printing techniques on the vessels with underglazes and pigments between firings. Often I carry on working further on it in the darkroom with photo emulsion. I use my own photography that I took during exploration of living and travelling in different countries. Sometimes it takes several attempts to achieve desired outcomes. The process is very labour intensive, and sometimes takes several weeks or months to finish a vessel.

Once all worked out after layers of processes completed, I fix the vessel with clear varnish to preserve and make sure the artwork last for generations to come.

Orders & Shipping

Every vessel and ceramic piece has been hand-made to the highest of standards with great attention to detail. The piece you will receive may not be the exact one shown in the image. However, it will be just as beautiful with only subtle differences.

Orders will be shipped in 3-5 working days via courier insured for your order value.

Your purchase will be well packaged with recycled materials wherever possible. We re-use any packaging materials that we receive from potters or manufacturers. These can be polystyrene chips, remnants of bubble wrap, newspaper, etc. We do not throw these away and we would encourage you to do the same!

Sustainable Packaging: We use recyclable, biodegradable or recycled packaging when wrapping our products.

Biodegradable Wrapping: We use die-cut craft paper with a tissue interleaf system to wrap and pack pots. The paper expands to create a 3D honeycomb structure which provides a unique and environmentally friendly wrapping product that cushions and protects.

Eco Loose Fill: Biodegradable loose fill packaging chips, from corn starch -can be composted without leaving a trace.

Brown Paper Tape & Cardboard Boxes: For wrapping pots and sealing boxes for transportation.

We aim to reduce un-recyclable waste to a minimum.

Care Instructions

Now you’ve found the perfect work of art but do you know how do you protect it?

Learning how to protect your artwork from damage is an essential part of building an art collection.

There are some relatively easy precautions you can take to make sure that your art is last for generations to come.

Exposure to intense sunlight can drain the colour from almost anything, including your new favourite work of art. Avoid placing your artwork anywhere where it will receive direct sunlight.

The amount of water in the air (humidity) can have a huge impact on the overall health of your art. Please monitor the humidity level.

Always avoid directly touching your artwork surfaces without wearing cotton gloves. If you do, you risk damaging them by exposure to your fingerprints and natural oils. Please always use a soft non-abrasive cloth or microfibre towel; avoid using water, cleaners or solvents on the surface to clean the artwork.  Instead, just lightly dust off the artwork with a soft feather duster or very soft brush. 

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